Loss, mini goal and spin :)

I lost 3lbs this week!!

I feel like I am getting somewhere with buddyslim blogging. I am finding that writing the blog is fantastic, even though it is mostly just for me to document what I have done and how I am feeling. I keeps me honest, knowing that I would have to write on here that I didn’t reach my goal or I let myself down is a real motivator for me!!

Well as I lost 3lbs this week, it took me to a total loss of 5lbs and I actually managed to reach my first mini goal :):) I didn’t set it too low as I didn’t think I would reach it this fast. So now I need a new one!! And I have set it for 139lbs. I know it isn’t very low either but I know having smaller goals will help me feel like I am achieving. Baby steps!! This new mini goal will take me into the 130’s which I haven’t been in for many years!! Exciting!! :) Also I’m almost out of the overweight BMI category, only 2 more pounds to go!! I’m soooo excited to be in the ‘NORMAL’ weight range again and below 140lbs!! I know I can get there!!

I seem to be doing well with food!! I eat when I’m hungry and I eat the right things when I am hungry!! I mostly eat porridge, fresh salads, fruits, soups, vegies and beans and sometimes fake meat. This weekend I have a friends birthday up in London so I’ll def have to watch myself there and try to control my alcohol. :P

I have also made a big effort to exercise every single day, except Sunday!! I am again going to try each day to take myself out for a run and do weights 3 days a week!! I also did the spin class last night which I loved! It was such a sweat fest, by the end of the class a massive puddle of sweat was at the bottom of my bike, I was drenched, I felt great, I loved it!! I have already booked into 3 spin classes this week :)

Goals for this week
1. Calorie intake of 1200-1400
2. Run each day
3. Weights 3 days a week
4. Spin class 3 days a week

I am hoping this will give me another 2lb loss :) fingers crossed

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  1. piecesoftoast @ August 20th, 2010

    Wow congratulations! :) I can’t wait to record my first loss (because atm my weight is being WIERD and all over the place, think I’m gonna weigh myself when I go back to uni to give my body some time to settle down!). And yay for being in normal weight range (well, nearly :p). That being said, I don’t think you look overweight at all :) So don’t put too much stock in BMI. You look fabulous and have done so well! Keep going, I know you can do it!

  2. piecesoftoast @ August 20th, 2010

    Yay congratulations! I just tried to post this before and something odd happened and didn’t let me so if you end up with two comments…that’s why lmao.

    Honestly, you’ve come so far, and it’s so inspirational to see someone that has been successful with their weightloss goals! And yes, sometimes it is better to set little goals, just so you can take everything one step at a time!

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