Update… Last 3 days

I haven’t written a blog in a few days, but things do seem to be going quite well!!

Monday was good, I went for 4.3mile run, ate really well and didn’t go over my goal of 1400cal :)
Tuesday I was feeling a little off wacky, I think its because of TOM. I still managed to go on the cross trainer and do 5miles, I also went on the bike and did 5.2miles too!! My problem was I didn’t eat enough!! I just couldn’t, I only got to 1100cal. This was not in my calorie range for this week, I wanted to stay between 1200-1400.
Today is the same today as yesterday, I don’t really feel like eating much!! But I am still going to get to between my calorie range goal, because I really don’t like to fail!! :P I also went to the gym today and did 5km on the cross trainer and 8km on the bike, followed by 30mins of weights!! :)

Cross UK challenge!! After the last 3 days
Was - 796.6miles (1282.1km)
Now - 773.7miles (1245.2km)

I cheated again today and weighed myself and since I weighed in the same as Monday I have put that as my new weight!! My official weigh in day is Friday but I couldn’t wait to put it on my chart!! (So childish, I know) I want to see the graph go down and its more motivating for me if I put it on now!! Lets see if I can lose anymore weight by Friday!!

Well I’m off to make myself some dinner :)
Hope everyone else is going well with their goals :)

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