2 more pounds in 3 days :)

Ok so I told myself no slipping up and weighing myself before it was time to, because I really don’t have too much weight to lose now, the weight comes off slower, and sometimes I get disheartened if it doesn’t go down every single time I get on the scales. But this morning I woke up and thought ‘I’ll just see if I’m on the right track this week and if not I still have till Friday to pick it up’ So I did it!!! I LOST 2 POUNDS and its only been 3 days!! I have worked out each day though and have decreased my calories to 1200-1400 a day and stayed in that range!! I can’t believe how well I’ve done!! Definately gonna keep this up for the rest of the week!! Lets see just how much I can actually lose!!

I went for my run this morning and did 4.3miles. It was exhausting but I really want to drop these pounds and really feel good and strong!!
I also managed to do some push ups and crunches!! Eating was fine!! I feel I have that under control at the moment, went shopping today and got only good foods, salads, soups, fruit, vegies!! Yum Yum!!

Tomorrow I’m hitting up the gym, going to do a class (legs, bums and tums) then do a run and a bike ride (only short ones).

Now I’m in bed and my stomach feels so bloated and looks bigger than usual, and all us ladies know why :( the first day is always the worst!! Hopefully this won’t make a difference on the scale!!

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