I’m Out!!

I absolutely loved this site… I tried to ignore everything and now I’m just over it :(
This is definately not what I signed up for!! I just want peace, happiness and health!! This is not what I have found here!!
So now I say goodbye to everyone who has motivated me, encouraged me and supported me!
Thank you for everything, but I’m out!!

Loss, mini goal and spin :)

I lost 3lbs this week!!

I feel like I am getting somewhere with buddyslim blogging. I am finding that writing the blog is fantastic, even though it is mostly just for me to document what I have done and how I am feeling. I keeps me honest, knowing that I would have to write on here that I didn’t reach my goal or I let myself down is a real motivator for me!!

Well as I lost 3lbs this week, it took me to a total loss of 5lbs and I actually managed to reach my first mini goal :):) I didn’t set it too low as I didn’t think I would reach it this fast. So now I need a new one!! And I have set it for 139lbs. I know it isn’t very low either but I know having smaller goals will help me feel like I am achieving. Baby steps!! This new mini goal will take me into the 130’s which I haven’t been in for many years!! Exciting!! :) Also I’m almost out of the overweight BMI category, only 2 more pounds to go!! I’m soooo excited to be in the ‘NORMAL’ weight range again and below 140lbs!! I know I can get there!!

I seem to be doing well with food!! I eat when I’m hungry and I eat the right things when I am hungry!! I mostly eat porridge, fresh salads, fruits, soups, vegies and beans and sometimes fake meat. This weekend I have a friends birthday up in London so I’ll def have to watch myself there and try to control my alcohol. :P

I have also made a big effort to exercise every single day, except Sunday!! I am again going to try each day to take myself out for a run and do weights 3 days a week!! I also did the spin class last night which I loved! It was such a sweat fest, by the end of the class a massive puddle of sweat was at the bottom of my bike, I was drenched, I felt great, I loved it!! I have already booked into 3 spin classes this week :)

Goals for this week
1. Calorie intake of 1200-1400
2. Run each day
3. Weights 3 days a week
4. Spin class 3 days a week

I am hoping this will give me another 2lb loss :) fingers crossed

Update… Last 3 days

I haven’t written a blog in a few days, but things do seem to be going quite well!!

Monday was good, I went for 4.3mile run, ate really well and didn’t go over my goal of 1400cal :)
Tuesday I was feeling a little off wacky, I think its because of TOM. I still managed to go on the cross trainer and do 5miles, I also went on the bike and did 5.2miles too!! My problem was I didn’t eat enough!! I just couldn’t, I only got to 1100cal. This was not in my calorie range for this week, I wanted to stay between 1200-1400.
Today is the same today as yesterday, I don’t really feel like eating much!! But I am still going to get to between my calorie range goal, because I really don’t like to fail!! :P I also went to the gym today and did 5km on the cross trainer and 8km on the bike, followed by 30mins of weights!! :)

Cross UK challenge!! After the last 3 days
Was - 796.6miles (1282.1km)
Now - 773.7miles (1245.2km)

I cheated again today and weighed myself and since I weighed in the same as Monday I have put that as my new weight!! My official weigh in day is Friday but I couldn’t wait to put it on my chart!! (So childish, I know) I want to see the graph go down and its more motivating for me if I put it on now!! Lets see if I can lose anymore weight by Friday!!

Well I’m off to make myself some dinner :)
Hope everyone else is going well with their goals :)

2 more pounds in 3 days :)

Ok so I told myself no slipping up and weighing myself before it was time to, because I really don’t have too much weight to lose now, the weight comes off slower, and sometimes I get disheartened if it doesn’t go down every single time I get on the scales. But this morning I woke up and thought ‘I’ll just see if I’m on the right track this week and if not I still have till Friday to pick it up’ So I did it!!! I LOST 2 POUNDS and its only been 3 days!! I have worked out each day though and have decreased my calories to 1200-1400 a day and stayed in that range!! I can’t believe how well I’ve done!! Definately gonna keep this up for the rest of the week!! Lets see just how much I can actually lose!!

I went for my run this morning and did 4.3miles. It was exhausting but I really want to drop these pounds and really feel good and strong!!
I also managed to do some push ups and crunches!! Eating was fine!! I feel I have that under control at the moment, went shopping today and got only good foods, salads, soups, fruit, vegies!! Yum Yum!!

Tomorrow I’m hitting up the gym, going to do a class (legs, bums and tums) then do a run and a bike ride (only short ones).

Now I’m in bed and my stomach feels so bloated and looks bigger than usual, and all us ladies know why :( the first day is always the worst!! Hopefully this won’t make a difference on the scale!!

300 Workout & Running tracks :)

Oh the day dragged on!! I have been looking after 2 of the boys I’m living with while their mum takes the oldest boy to a camp which is hours away!! So this means I was stuck in the house and couldn’t go to the gym till after 5pm, but since its a Sunday my gym shuts at 4pm!! Damn!!

So I improvised!!
And this is what I found, tried and loved!!
I researched this workout called the ‘300 workout’ (A workout the guys in the movie ‘300′ did to get fit and buff for the movie) that a couple of people at my gym mentioned, and it looked quite do-able at home with some home made weights.
The actual aim of this workout is to time how long it takes to finish the whole workout and then try and decrease the time you take to finish the whole workout, not to up your weights or reps.

So this is the 300 workout!!

25 Pull ups
50 Dead lifts - using a fairly heavy weight
50 Push ups
50 Box jumps
50 Floor wipers
50 clean and press - using a fairly heavy weight again
25 Pull ups

You are just supposed to do all the exercises in this order and not move on to the next one until you have finished all 50 reps of that particular exercise. You are able to stop and take a little break in between reps, for example you could do 2×25 reps with a 30sec break in between!! I had to do this on the push ups and the floor wipers, they are killers!!
I was absolutely exhausted doing this, the sweat was pouring off me. And now my arms are really feeling it! I loved it!!
It took me 27minutes to finish the workout!! I think pretty good for a first timer!! I’ll try it again in a few days to see if I can get my time down!! :)

As I’m living in a small country village at the moment I thought it might be good to look up some running routes around this area, as running on the treadmill can get a little boring!! And surprisingly I found quite a few!! They vary between 1mile to 26miles. I’m def going to give a few of these ago this week!! I’m super excited about them!! I LOVE RUNNING!!

So tonight before dinner I managed to try out a new route around our village, it was 4.2miles (6.7km) and was sooooo hilly, I’m not talking little hills I’m talking mountain size hills. It took me 46 minutes to finish the run, I’m gonna try it again tomorrow and see if I can get my time faster and get my butt up those hills quicker.

Well now I can add to my across UK route
Run - 4.2miles (6.7km)
Was at 1288.8km (800.8miles) to go
Now 1282.1km (796.6miles) left :)

Stupid cake!!

So I ended up having a piece of the french cake the family bought home for me… I did share it out… but they would NOT let me not have a piece!! And that one piece had 365 calories!! Can u believe it!!
I’m soooo disappointed in myself, but I must say that this is the first ‘bad’ thing I have had since I started this buddyslim diet thingy!!
I have now got a total of 1350calories for the day!! So I haven’t gone over my goal of between 1200-1400 calories a day. I guess I can be happy about that, but it was the wrong sort of calories!!
To make up for it I’m going on a big long run tomorrow morning around our area (its hilly and bending) so it should be a nice hard run!!

Will do better tomorrow!!

Week 2 - Day 1

Today was/is a success so far!!

I rode my bike to the gym all 2 miles of it and it is ridiculously hilly!! So i was a sweaty mess by the time I got to the gym, and to top it off it was raining. But still I did do 30mins cardio (running on treadmill 15mins and the cross trainer 15mins) and a weights circuit today. I was exhausted but I still managed to ride my bike back home. I only had to get off twice to push it up the 2 big hills!! My legs just couldn’t manage pedaling up them.

Food has being going quite well porridge and berries for brekky, a plum and then tuna and salad for lunch!! Its mid afternoon and I’m not even hungry surprisingly!! Not sure about dinner yet!! Maybe soup or vegies!! God knows!!

Last week was great, both exercise wise and food wise. Mostly because the family I am staying with were on holidays in France, but last night they returned!! And this morning they gave me a present from France!! A CAKE!! Yup, a whole one to myself!! I big cake filled with chocolate custard covered in whipped cream!! Can you bloody believe it!! The mother of the family knew I was trying really hard to lose weight and there she goes and buys me a cake to myself. I refuse to eat it!! Even if it does look delicious, I’m gonna cut it up and give it to her 3 boys tonight!!
She also cooks all the dinners and she always makes heaps of potatoes and pasta (which I’m trying to avoid at the moment) and lots of creamy, cheesy sauces!! Oh this week i know will be difficult with the family back!! i’m going to try and be polite and say I’ll cook for myself!! I just don’t want to offend her, they have all been very kind and generous to me!!

I have just got to see how this week pans out!! Just gotta keep strong on the exercise!!

Oh and I forgot to do my fill in my cross UK miles for yesterday and today
Fri - 4 mile bike ride and 1 mile dog walk
Sat - 4 mile bike ride and 5km run
Was 1308km (812.8miles)
Now 1288.8km (800.8miles) to go
I reckon I’ll be able to finish it by November :) Well thats the aim!!

Crap.. Was that me?!?!

So I was looking back at old pictures of my travels over the last 2 years and I was absolutely shocked when i saw pictures of myself!!
I have being trying to lose weight for about 1.5 years now and I still think of myself as a ‘big’ girl. People do try to say I look much better, but when I look at myself in the mirror all I see is fatty!! These pictures though really will change the way I will look at myself from now on!!

I still want to lose around 20lbs to be at my absolute ideal weight but these photos are great to see just how much I have changed physically and how far I have actually come on my weight loss journey!! Since starting this site I have lost 2lbs but that will soon amount to much more and I’ll be at my goal in no time!!

Here is my progress so far!!

Me at my biggest
This is me in Australia at my heaviest weighing 86kg (190lbs)

Me on track
This is me in England on the journey to skinny me weighing 76kg (167lbs)

Skinner me
This is me Thailand 2 months ago weighing 65kg (143lbs)

I hope I managed to put the photos on properly

Now I weigh 146lbs so I haven’t put on too much more since then!!
I definately feel more motivated to reach my goal and feel like i can after seeing these pictures :)

First Weigh In

I decided I would weigh in on Friday mornings instead of Sunday mornings!! I think this will help me through the weekend and keep me motivated!! Well I hope it will!!
So as its Friday morning I weighed in, 2 days short of what i should have, and I’m actually quite surprised, I LOST 2lbs!!!
Thats not bad considering! I did eat an ice cream 3 days this week and had a calorie intake between 1300 and 1600.

Goals for this week
1. Calorie intake 1200-1400.
2. Gym 5 times a week.
3. Only 1 ice cream this week (they are my weakness)
4. Smile as much as i can, even when i don’t feel like it :)

Aim to lose 3 pounds this week!!! This is gonna be a great week, I know it!! :):)

Good Day!!

My friend from OZ came and stayed for 2 days!! And it seriously wasn’t as bad as I thought!! I stuck to my healthy eating (except an ice cream both days, which was within my calorie count) and shockingly he followed my lead, the only thing was i didn’t get to the gym on one of the days but we did spend about 4 hours walking around the city so I guess thats a good thing!!

Today I managed to get to the gym to start my trek across UK all 1315km of it.
I ran 5km on the treadmill and 2km on the bike!! So 7km down and 1308km to go!! :)

I also ate really well, well so far!! Porridge with berries for brekky and salad for lunch, with a banana and peach as a snack :)
I hope I keep this up!!

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